Content marketing is one of the most effective strategies for promoting your business today. Despite its many benefits, you may have concerns about implementing this strategy because it requires developing a lot of content to push out on your blog and other marketing channels. In the past, you could create your webpage with some boilerplate copy, put it up and forget about it. Today, you can’t do this and be effective.

Consumers today are looking for more. They expect your digital presence to be more engaging and to supply a steady stream of fresh content that helps them to solve problems, face challenges and fulfill desires. Creating all this content for your blog may seem like a daunting task, but with the right strategy, it is not so hard.

Here’re some tips for picking blog topics that your audience will love:

Stay Informed
If you don’t know what is going on in your field, then you can’t really create fresh content. You have to stay tuned into the latest developments and trends in your niche. Then you can create posts about them. So keep up to date by looking at the following resources.

  • Books: Make sure you read a few books in your field every year. The topics that these books address are great topics for your blog. Sometimes even just perusing the table of contents of a new book can generate ideas for posts.
  • Magazines: Trade journals and magazine in your field are also useful for indicating popular topics that you can address.
  • Blogs: Reading other blogs in your field tips you off to what others are thinking. You can write blog posts to address the issues raised in other blogs. Then you can enter into a conversation with other experts that will be of interest to your audience.
  • Forums: Another great way to get is to read online forums in your field like Reddit. You can find subreddits in your niche and follow the conversation there. Another place to look for interesting topics is on Quora. You can use the questions to create blog posts. Then you can write a short answer to post on Quora or Reddit and include a link to your post for a more in-depth analysis.

Stay Organized
You never know when inspiration may strike, so you need a system to preserve your insights. You might be exercising and have a great idea for a post. You will want to jot this idea down soon before you forget it. Evernote is a great app for jotting down notes while you are on the go.

Another great tool for organizing your thoughts and research as you read is Trello. You can create a Trello card on each interesting subject and you can continue to build content around this subject by adding to the Trello card. Just reviewing your notes can be a source of inspiration for good posts.

Stay in Touch with Your Customers
More often than not, your customers will tell you what they want to hear. So keep your ears open. Interview a few customers over the course of the year. You can also use online surveys to get information from your email list, social media connections and online visitors to your website. If you can put out content that is interesting to your customers they will come back often and tell their friends.

Use Keywords
Looking keywords is still one of the best ways to get ideas for blog posts. Keywords are the words and phrases that are most popular on Internet search engines. These keywords represent things that people are interested in, so even if you are not really worried about search engine optimization, they can be a great source of ideas.

You can start by typing a topic into Google. Google’s autosuggest feature will show you some common phrases that people are searching for based on that topic. is another helpful site that gives you a list of keywords if you enter a topic.

Re-Purpose Content
Think about any marketing collateral that you are already producing. Do you have a three-panel brochure? A newsletter? Educational brochures? All these can be converted into great blog posts. So take what you already have and convert that into great blog content.

So there is no reason to daunted by the prospect of content marketing. There are many sources of inspiration that will allow you to create a fresh stream of content to wow your audience.

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