As a digital marketer, you carefully design your content to guide your visitors through a funnel that will eventually lead to converting to a customer. Effective calls-to-action (CTAs) are the grease that lubricates these funnels and moves your visitors incrementally closer to becoming customers. So you want to pay attention to your own CTAs in order to improve the effectiveness of your marketing funnels.

Here are some tips for writing CTAs that your readers won’t be able to resist clicking on:

Be Action Oriented

CTAs invite action so use strong verbs to clearly communicate to your readers what it is you want them to do.

Focus on Benefits

As with any copy, you want to focus on the benefits that your readers will derive from clicking the CTA. What are they going to get? A good test for this would be to imagine the phrase “I want to…” before your CTA text. In addition, use first-person language rather than second person language. Instead of “Download your free report,” say “Download my free report.” In fact, studies show that just this change can increase clicks by 90%.

In addition, value works like “free” are attractive to visitors. Who does not want to get a freebee?

Create Urgency

Great CTA copy creates urgency in the reader. For example, “Get your 50% discount coupon, now” creates a sense of urgency to do something. Other phrases that create urgency are: “today” and “before it’s too late.”

Avoid Friction Words

Some words that are often used in CTAs are known as friction words. These words tend to create the appearance of work and effort on the part of the visitor. They trigger a mental resistance. So avoid these words at all costs:

  • Buy
  • Complete
  • Submit
  • Give
  • Donate / Sponsor/ Support
  • Invest
  • Sign Up

You also want to be careful of these words:

  • Join
  • Learn
  • Share
  • Visit
  • Switch
  • Start
  • Find

Here are some words that promote conversions. Make sure you use words like this in your CTAs to encourage click-throughs:

  • Get
  • Check Out
  • Discover
  • Reveal
  • Earn

Surround Your CTA with Click-Triggers

Click-triggers are text that appears close to your CTA and might even be on the CTA button itself in smaller text. This copy helps encourage customers to click on the button. Here are some examples:

  • Testimonials reassure visitors that responding the CTA is worth it. You could also indicate a star-rating from a third-party review site.
  • Anxiety-reducing information, for example, “No credit card required.”
  • A data point that promotes your product. For example, “get a 50% increase in sales with our system.”
  • Include a key benefit. This might be a message about low price, guarantees or another benefit of clicking through.

Some Examples

Check out this CTA that invites engaged couples and other event hosts to book a venue. It simply says “go.” This is action oriented but not very specific. It does not really invite people to click through. You simply don’t know what you are going to get. Maybe this CTA could read, “Get the wedding of your dreams.”

Here are some examples of more effective CTA copy:

  • Get My Free eBook
  • Join the Fun
  • Discover Great Rental Properties
  • Stay Connected

Look at this example a great CTA. It features a contrasting button with a clear action while at the same time offering a benefit. It could even be improved by changing the button copy to “Discover How to Be a Better Manager.”

Be Consistent

Make sure that your CTA aligns with the copy that is on your landing page. If your visitors don’t see the same offer on the landing page as they saw on the CTA, then they are going to jump ship.

Focus on One Button

Often, you will need multiple buttons on a page. You want to make sure that your main CTA stands out from the rest. For example, if you have a button to join or subscribe, this button should be more prominent that a button that allows current subscribers to sign in. You are trying to attract the attention of a new visitor. Current subscribers will be more likely to find their way to what they need.

Writing effective CTAs is essential for successful digital marketing. By focusing on clear, action-oriented text and focusing on benefits, you can transform your CTAs into click-generating machines.

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