Content marketing is a job unto itself. You need to research blog topics, write your blog post, create accompanying graphics, publish and promote your blog post, etc., etc. It almost wouldn’t seem worth it except for the serious success it brings to your business online. This is why it is so important to stay organized and put together a system for your content creation that helps you to streamline the process. After all, every job is done better when it’s done more efficiently.

If you’re struggling with putting together a good process for your content creation, we’ve got a few steps for you to follow.

1. Use an editorial calendar.

Does the term “editorial calendar” seem like a foreign concept? Business owner, I’d like you to meet your new editorial calendar. The two of you will be seeing an awful lot of each other.

This is because you cannot have an organized and streamlined content creation process without an editorial calendar. You just can’t. Your editorial calendar is where you plan out the days you will publish a new blog post, determine your blog topics, and outline your content and your promotion strategy.

2. Plan in advance.

Your editorial calendar can be online, like Google Calendar or even a project management system like Trello, or it can be a paper calendar or planner that you’ve purchased to keep track of other to dos and meetings. Get your calendar out once a month or once every two weeks to plan your content strategy.

Sitting down to plan everything out in advance helps to keep you accountable and knowing what you need to have published and when. If you often find yourself sitting at your computer, needing to write a blog post but having no idea what to write about or when the last time you even published a new post, then you need to start planning ahead.

3. Take advantage of content distribution tools.

Once you have written and published a new blog post, the next job on the list is to share and promote your blog post on social media. You can make this a lot easier on yourself by taking advantage of various content distribution tools.

For example, there are several WordPress plugins that will connect your blog to your social media platforms, sharing your new post with your followers immediately after you’ve published it. Easy enough, right? You barely had to do any work!

Although this may work for some of your posts, it’s typically recommended to cater your captions and social media content to the platform you’re posting on. So connecting your blog to your Twitter account could be a great idea, but you’ll want to do something a little more personal on Facebook. There are many different scheduling platforms, like Meet Edgar, CoSchedule, or Buffer, that will help you to easily create social media content and schedule it to go out at a certain time on one, or even all, of your social media platforms.

Many of these schedulers will even save your past posts so that you can easily go back and share them again. It’s highly recommended to re-share your content with your audience to get it in front of more eyes, especially on Twitter.

4. Study your analytics.

WordPress has its own set of analytics, but you should also have your website connected to Google Analytics so that you can take a look at the basic stats: page views, visits, bounce rate, time on page, etc. Keep an eye on your most popular posts and see if you can find a trend with which posts perform well over others. This will help to aid your content marketing strategy in the future and help you to publish only posts that really resonate with your audience. If you’re able to figure out a trend in popular posts and focus on those types of posts, you’ll be able to see even more success out of your content marketing.

Make content marketing and blogging easier on you and your business by putting together a content creation system that works for you. Enlist the help of your editorial calendar–it really will be your best friend throughout your entire content process. Sticking to a system will help you to see results quicker and feel much more organized in the long run.

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